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Episode 202 Dave Sharp / Sharp Horse’s / Dave’s Program Is Focused On Building A Solid Foundation / 100% Modern Cowboy…

Had a great conversation with Dave on the Podcast about his colt starting program & his dedication to the art of starting horses, as well as his 2022 American Rope Horse Futurity Association Limited Reserve Champion win!

David Sharp was born and raised in Log Cabin, Louisiana and now resides in Brock, Texas, where he runs a training program for young horses. The majority of his program is starting two-year-olds that will go on to be rope horses.

However, he also raises head horses that he competes with and shows for himself and his clients. His training program focuses on building a solid foundation with extensive groundwork, lots of outside miles, and giving the colts small tasks to do along the way to prepare them for their future.


Facebook : @sharphorses

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TikTok : @sharphorses

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