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Episode 157 Marty Williams / Retired Special Agent FBI / New Grandpa “G-Man”…

Had a ton of fun hanging out & getting to know Marty Williams – Retired Special Agent FBI on the Podcast…

Marty and his wife Kelly have a daughter and son-in law and on March 1 became a Grandparents. (She is an embryo adoption child). Embryo was frozen for four years and adopted and placed in Tate, our daughter. Now we have Sawyer Raye… )

Grew up in Sikeston, Missouri. Small town in Southeast Missouri. Agricultural town also known as being one of the most northern places to grow Cotton in the United States. 

Father owned a residential construction business and mother was an accountant. One brother, who is a school administrator.

Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana. Played football (punter – they are part of the team). Obtained degrees in Economics and Criminal Justice.

After college went to work for a bank.

Father raised quarter horses. Family roped. Cousin’s rodeo’d. Thought I was a bulldogger for a few years. Started team roping after one of my cousins moved back to Missouri from Texas. Mostly jackpots, US Roping’s. 

Became interested in the FBI after Timothy McVeigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City. April 19, 1995. 

After entering the FBI and completing training at Quantico, Virginia I served in Indianapolis IN, Springfield IL and St. Louis MO Divisions. Served overseas assignments in Iraq, Pakistan, Romania and Israel.

Prior to 9-11 – served as a criminal agent investigating, drugs and violent crimes.

Post 9-11 – served as a National Security Agent investigating International and Domestic Terrorism matters. 

After 9-11 went to New York as part of the evidence recovery efforts. Largest Crime Scene in the history of the FBI.

Other significant cases: 

1.     Serial Murder case – Robert Eugene Brashers

2.     Violent Felons – Chadrick Fulks and Brandon Basham (broke out of jail and went on a 17 day violent crime spree. Murdered 2 ladies, Alice Donovan, Conway, South Carolina and Marshall University student, Samantha Burns.

3.     Violent Child Predator – William C. Davis. Captured after being profiled on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah awarded the tipsters $100,000 for turning Davis in. Tipsters ended up suing each other over the money.


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