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Episode 147 Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Season 2 Contestants Jennifer Hudgins & Katy Jo Gordon…

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown is back with Season 2. Had a great time talking with contestants Jennifer & Katey…


From the tender age of two, fifth-generation cowboy Katey Jo Gordon has competed in rodeos and won her first competition when she was only five years old. Over the years, she earned a rodeo scholarship, and her triumphs riding on the rodeo circuit have reached the hundreds, with no signs of slowing down. Originally from New Mexico, Katie now resides in Ryan, Oklahoma, and works alongside her husband and father on the family’s cattle ranch.


As the ranch manager at her family’s Oklahoma cattle operation, Jennifer Hudgins knows how she likes things done and expects only the best from her staff. Working side-by-side with her father — an old school cowboy, she’s thankful for all the insight he’s bestowed upon her. Jennifer is a practiced horse trainer, but considers her biggest talent to be a keen ability to read cattle. Adamantly against the term “cowgirl,” she wants to win and prove that girls can be cowboys too.





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