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Episode 143 Luke Pell / Cowboy / Veteran / Country Music Artist / Reality TV Star / Entrepreneur & Philanthropist …

Had an amazing conversation with Luke on the Podcast…

He is truly a down to earth, unpretentious & multitalented embodying high standards and values as an exemplary role model much needed in society today.

Prior to entrepreneurship Luke gained experience in the Professional Coaching industry with the Flippen Group in from 2013-2015 after spending 2 years in the oil sector with Chesapeake Energy, a US leading producer of oil and natural gas. Luke spent time throughout Oklahoma and Texas as a project manager, site supervisor, and operations analyst improving rig move efficiencies and operational drilling practices as part of Chesapeake’s Northern Division Drilling Department. Prior to his time in the oil industry Luke spent 5 years in the United States Army as a platoon leader, fire direction officer, fire support officer and finally as a battalion operations officer. His time in the military was spent in several different organizations and leadership cultures including units within the 101st Airborne Division and Division West First Army. He spent the last two years of his military time working with senior military leaders across the country in US Army Reserve Commands and multiple National Guard units developing unique deployment plans and training programs to fit the US Army’s rapidly evolving missions around the world. He left active duty as a Captain in early 2012.

It is Luke’s personal mission to spend everyday making a positive, purposeful, impact on all the relationships and interactions in his sphere of influence. 





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