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Episode 138 Hannah Beth / Founder Of The Non Profit “Dare To Be A Cowboy” / Podcast Host & Entrepreneur…

Had a great conversation on the Podcast with Hannah Beth! She is a highly motivated, innovative & shinning example of why the future is bright for the youth of today.

Hannah Beth is the 23 year old founder of the non-profit organization “Dare To Be A Cowboy”, the creator of “Barrel Racing Planners”, and the host for the podcast “Unbridled”. Dare To Be A Cowboy is a non-profit organization that helps children get into the western industry. As a first-generation cowgirl herself, Hannah Beth found a need in the rodeo world for more resources and opportunities that can aid youth in their dreams of becoming a cowboy or cowgirl. Through this organization, the barrel racing planners, and the Unbridled podcast, Hannah Beth hopes to break down the barriers of what it means to be a cowboy, and open up the world to many who have the desire to be a part of it.






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