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Episode 124 Zach Rhodes / Calf Roper / Equine Dentist / Farrier / Cross Fit Athlete / Legislative Activist…

Had a great time on the Podcast with Zach Rhodes, we covered many topics including current events. I love Zach’s attitude & fortitude not only standing up for what his believes but also taking action to effect change. Enjoy!

Zach was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. His love for horses started at an early age, through rodeo. He enjoys calf roping and team roping at amateur and pro rodeos, and has been an avid Cross Fit enthusiast for the last three years, competing in local competitions. It is Zach’s passion in the arena that led to his passion in equine dentistry and helping horses. Zach is a graduate of the Texas Institute of Equine Dentistry where he obtained his first certification. He has also worked under his great friend, and world renown Equine Dentist Randy Riedinger. He has worked on horses all over Oregon and California, for many renowned horsemen and horsewomen, including 3 x World Champion Heeler Jade Corkill. He has been practicing equine dentistry for 9 years now. He became certified through the IAED (International Association of Equine Dentistry) in 2017. He has devoted the last 8 years of his life to helping horse owners and their horses solve common eating and riding issues associated with the mouth. In 2018 he was appointed chairman of the IAED Government Relations Committee. Since 2014 Zach has been committed to restoring the horse owners right to choose, as well as protecting the livelihoods of all equine dentists throughout various states in the U.S.


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