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Episode 116 Tommy Hawks / Southwest Missouri’s Original Axe House…

Really enjoyed my conversation with Tom Jennings the Founder & Owner of Tommyhawks.

Tom retired from 20 years of Active Duty in the U.S. Army in 2015 and moved to Ozark with his wife Kacey. While working his day job, Tom decided to start a garage-based LLC called TommyHawks, building custom tomahawks for the military, law-enforcement, and the general enthusiast. Drawing on an extensive background in Army Special Operations, Tom infused the TommyHawks brand with all things kick-axe, and is extremely excited to run Southwest Missouri’s first indoor axe-throwing venue. Come out and kick some axe with Tom!

Axe throwing is about as historical of a pastime as you can get. From the first waves of Northmen to the American Frontier – tomahawks, axes, and hatchets were an “EDC” (every day carry) item of those eras. Even those awe-inspiring warriors would get bored. So what do you think they did? Threw axes around for practice, competition, and yes – even FUN!

Today, we like to think of it as upholding a tradition. The tradition of warriors – Vikings, Rangers, Cheftains alike. Here at TommyHawks, we use one of the oldest tools in human history to bring people together for fun and competition. You can come out and unleash your inner competitor and warrior -or simply have a good time throwing hawks around!

TommyHawks opened its doors in 2017 as a builder of custom tomahawks. Moving into 2018, we will bring our awesome new sport, and kick-axe new brand to Southwest Missouri. Come be a part of the axe throwing revolution! 


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“The Ropin Pen” By: Trent Willmon

“Cowboy” By: Kolt Barber

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