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Episode 103 Wickenburg Arizona “Team Roping Capital of The World” with Executive Director/CEO of the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce Julia Brooks…

Julia Brooks

As Executive Director/CEO of the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce, Julia leads a non-profit organization dedicated to leadership programs, education and assistance for small businesses in the greater Wickenburg region. 

She has 38 years of chamber management experience, the last 31 years in her Hometown. The Wickenburg Chamber is one of the oldest chamber organizations in Arizona, with 500 members.

Julia is a 5th generation Arizona native. Her great-great grandfather Ramon Macias arrived in Wickenburg around 1857. Today, seven generations live there. 


Show Music:

“The Ropin Pen” By: Trent Willmon

“Cowboy” By: Kolt Barber

MC Podcast Production & Editing: Matt Kirschner

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Dan Hillenbrand is the founder and host of the award winning Modern Cowboy Podcast... Cowboy, Entrepreneur, Chiropractor, Builder, Firearms Instructor & Hemochromatosis Survivor.

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