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Episode 099 Forrie J. Smith 100% Cowboy / Horseman / Stuntman / PRCA Cowboy & Movie Star…

Join me for a captivating conversation with Forrie Smith and his journey as a young boy growing up in Montana to star of the silver screen. The old adage “They don’t make em like this anymore” truly applies to Forrie. Salt of the earth and genuinely humble I was riveted listening to Forrie as he described his journey finding some of his greatest success later in life. Forrie’s passion for the Cowboy legacy, impacting today’s youth leading by example and living the by Cowboy’s Code of Ethics shines through.


Show Music:

“The Ropin Pen” By: Trent Willmon

“Cowboy” By: Kolt Barber

MC Podcast Production & Editing: Matt Kirschner

About the author, Dan

Dan Hillenbrand is the founder and host of the award winning Modern Cowboy Podcast... Cowboy, Entrepreneur, Chiropractor, Builder, Firearms Instructor & Hemochromatosis Survivor.

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