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Episode 090 Austin Michael “American Idol Contestant” Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day…

Join me for a great conversation with American Idol sensation Austin Michael.
“I’m a sixteen year old country boy from Van Alstyne, Texas. I’m a roper, rider, and American Idol-er! I love hunting, fishing, country music, and people!”
Sitting on top of Luke Bryan’s shoulders with his trusty cowboy rope 15 year old Austin Michael didn’t just rope Katy Perry and the full American Idol Production team that day, but all of us who have watched! Whats not to love about one of Country musics newest and youngest stars? With his Long blonde hair and voice as strong as fully blown Chevy 454 its no surprise that he has been invited to the season finale of American Idol. His debut single is set to hit all platforms in late May along with his first Music Video titled “Country Cred”. Saddle Up for the Austin Michael stampede!
Be sure and listen to the end of the Podcast to hear Austins song “Country Cred”
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