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Episode 074 Tom Heshion Founder Of Equine and Wines & A Team Of World Renowned Experts Are Building A One-Of-Kind Community Minutes From Tombstone, AZ…

Tom Heshion Founder of Equine and Wines and a team of world renowned experts, are building one-of-a-kind community just minutes from Tombstone, Arizona.

Tom has had an exciting career in entrepreneurship as well as horsemanship. He developed the vision behind Equine and Wines. As an owner and manager of 29 horses, Tom swears that he is not addicted to horses, but admits he is addicted to the therapy they have provided him during his stressful years in executive management.

Like most serial entrepreneur’s, Tom started his first company with his $5,000.00 savings. By age 22, that company had grown to over to over 13 million in revenue. After 10 years of success, wanting a career change that reflected his love of horses, he purchased 2 PVC fence distributorships and started National Fence Company. He chose that name, not knowing at the time that it would expand into an international enterprise. After the sale of that company to Sears in 1996, he was hired by Auto-by-Tel as the Midwest Regional Director, then, promoted to President and was instrumental in the launch of the first ever, successful, IPO for a Dot-Com company. That IPO evaluation was in excess of $500,000,000.00. The company was noted for boldly purchasing the first NFL Superbowl ad for a Dot-Com company. Unlike most of the other dot-com start-ups, is still in business today. NASDAQ (ABTL)

By the late 1990’s, Tom realized where his abilities were best suited; Tom went into the Venture Capital business where he oversaw numerous investments for the firm. One of the ventures led to him taking a position as the CEO of Recreational Technologies, a failing technology company. Tom changed the direction of the company when he envisioned their current technology being used as a broadcast tool. He assembled the team to build out his plan, and raised the capital. That is the strike-zone and pitch placement technology now used repeatedly in the broadcasting of professional baseball, instant replay.

Today, Tom is still in love with his high school sweetheart Cindy, and oversees trust fund investments in the medical, technology, organic farming, and equine industries. Organic Hays, LLC is the company he is giving most of his attention to, today. Tom is a true entrepreneur at heart, who volunteers his time mentoring young entrepreneurs attending the Kauffman Foundation School of Entrepreneurship. His organic agricultural investments and research over the past two decades have led him to the unique vision of Equine and Wines and a community of organic agriculture, built with off the-grid power technologies that supports the continuation of the equine industry.


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