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Episode 069 TIGERMOUNTAIN FOUNDATION / Darren Chapman Making A Difference…


Darren Chapman is a community pro-activist who has committed his life to helping people.  He is Founder and CEO of TigerMountain Foundation (a.k.a. TMF), which has implemented Empowerment Initiatives to uplift communities and eliminate blight. TMF’s initiatives are community garden / landscaping development, audio, visual and performance art, community service and volunteerism. The gardens promote healthy living and active lifestyles by feeding, engaging and enfranchising the community.

TMF’s Asset Based Community Development model was developed with the thought that anyone and everyone can and should be connected and feel a part of society. The end game strategy is urban renewal and community restoration via participants who are encouraged to stay engaged and motivated to keep positive and develop their individual very important assets. Darren’s motto is to change one mind and attitude at a time, encouraging all who have been touched to pay it forward, which will undoubtedly make the immediate and surrounding community and world a better place to live. Darren currently resides and works in South Phoenix and the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

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