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Episode 068 Addie & Tommy Izko, A Love Story In The Most Wild & Rugged Area Imaginable…

Join me as I talk with Addie & Tommy Izko about their amazing life adventure. Imagine going out about your day sorting cattle, fixing fences, schooling colts, and living the typical life of a rancher and cowboy. Now imagine doing so in the deep wilds of Africa. Riding through vast mountain ranges and dry desert valleys amongst free roaming cheetahs, baboons, and kudu. This is the day to day life of Thomas and Addie Izko. Living in southwest Namibia, Africa, the second least populated country in the world, one needs to be comfortable with wide open spaces and not a soul in sight. As well as adaptable to extreme heat as Namibia is also the oldest and driest desert in the world making for tough conditions on the regular. Most might find an endeavor like this daunting, but as a fellow desert dweller and horse lover, born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, Addie was thrilled to marry into this adventure. She picked up and left everything she knew and moved over 9000 miles to join Tommy – a wild horse trainer, nature photographer, and proud Namibian born German. Together they continue the Izko family legacy as the 5th generation to ranch in the most wild and rugged area imaginable.”

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