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Episode 060 Project K-9 Hero Is Jason Johnson’s Passion & Mission, Caring For Dogs That Have Given So Much…

Jason Johnson has a passion for Police K-9’s and he has dedicated his life to working with them, as well as training and taking care of them. Jason believes that Police K-9’s perform selflessly for the departments and agencies they work for, and in return, they are not offered that same respect, in their retirement years, by those they served. It is Jason’s goal to ensure he educates the public on the costs and responsibilities of adopting a retired hero and that every Police K-9 in the United States has their medical, food and end of duty costs taken care of for them so they may live the healthy and happy retirement that they deserve.

Currently, Jason works full-time as President and CEO of K-9 Solutions International (K-9SI), where he manages domestic and international K-9 detection contracts and consults with civilian and government agencies. When he isn’t actively working for K-9SI, he volunteers for Project K-9 Hero, working hard to grow the foundation so that he can serve as many retired K-9 heroes as possible.

Before Jason began splitting his time between K-9SI and Project K-9 Hero, Jason served as a Field Canine Coordinator for the U.S. Government, where he provided program oversight and subject matter expertise to law enforcement canine teams and federal canine teams. He provided leadership, technical advice, guidance and direction to ensure the overall effectiveness and utilization of explosive detection K-9 teams. He ensured that national program policy, standards and guidelines were communicated in a clear and effective manner to a variety of internal and external stakeholders, while also ensuring adherence to such measures. He served as a K-9 liaison to civilian and law enforcement officials on the federal, state and local government levels.

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