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Episode 044 Darby Hinton made his acting debut at the age of 6 months old in the arms of Jayne Mansfield…

DARBY HINTON is a native of Los Angeles. He was born in Santa Monica, California. He made his acting debut at the age of 6 months old in the arms of Jayne Mansfield in the TV show “Playhouse 90”. He went on to appear in numerous features and television shows, until the day his mother dropped him off at Twentieth Century Fox, (dressed in knee high socks and a lederhosen), to audition for a role in “The Sound Of Music”. Darby got lost and wandered into the wrong line of kids, by the time his mother found him he had turned in his lederhosen for a coon skin cap, and ended up playing Fess Parker’s son “Israel Boone” on the “Daniel Boone Show” for the next six years. While in recent years it seems to be in vogue for child actors to talk about their early acting years as ones of pain and abuse, Darby looks back on his life with fun and excitement. “It gave me the opportunity to travel the world and meet some of the most interesting people in it”. In fact Darby likes to travel so much that after finishing high school in Lugano Switzerland, he took three academic around-the-world voyages aboard the S.S. Universe. He went on to study under Jacque & Philippe Cousteau and almost gave up his acting career to become a marine biologist, however, once you start a career in Jayne Mansfield arms it is hard to give up that kind of work. Besides acting gave Darby the kind of freedom that he loved to explore his other passions like flying, skydiving, and martial arts. After meeting Bruce Lee, who at the time was playing Kato on the ‘Green Hornet’ series, Darby got very interested in martial Arts. He traveled to Hong Kong to see where Bruce first studied. He even got the opportunity to study under William Chung The World’s Grand Master of Wing Chung and the man who taught Bruce. He then spent a couple of years playing “Ian Griffith”, the probation officer that turned into the Salem rapist, on “Days Of Our Lives” The most recent chapter in Darby’s life revolves around human development. After meeting and working with the master of motivation, Tony Robbins, Darby realized his life’s work as an actor had been trying to figure out why people do what they do. He eventually became a master trainer for Tony Robbins taking a number of years off doing seminars all around the US including Hawaii and even in Fiji. Darby then sought out other Masters in the world of human development to study with, like Wayne Dryer, Julia Cameron, and Jim Rohn.

Darby has been a proud member of the ‘SAG/AFTRA Young Performers Committee’, an active member of ‘A Minor Consideration’ and on the Advisory Committee to ‘Looking Ahead’. All geared to helping the creative youth of today experience the best of life while helping them avoid the pitfalls that have plagued young artists of the past and present.

Still, acting is what Darby loves to do. For a much more complete list of his current project check out and be on the look out for him in ‘Bill Tilghman and The Outlaws’ opening in February.

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