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Episode 039 Josh Olschewski, Owner & Maker at 7/o Brand which is a symbol of a strong American Family Founded deeply on Faith in God & the Freedoms & Liberties Our Country was Founded on…

Josh Olschewski, owner and maker at 7/o Brand. I have a passion for cowboy and buckaroo heritage and creating quality gear that lasts. Growing up on a ranch in Herriman, Utah, I started building tack at a very young age making gear for myself and my family.
At the age of 16, I started working at a saddle shop where I strengthened my leather skills, building ground seats, tooling, and building saddles from the tree up.
Over the years I have learned and worked in other trades including ranch day working and construction, but at at 21, I began building saddles, tack, chaps and chinks full time in my own leather shop.
I have a passion for good working gear and buckaroo heritage. Everything we make has functionality and durability in mind; our gear is made for the working cowboy and buckaroo. Saddles and tack are a tool; one that needs to function, fit correctly and last. That is why I pay attention to the details and build saddles and tack the traditional way.
My saddles are built with an all leather ground seat and I sit in every saddle to ensure correct shaping. I know each saddle inside and out. I spend hours meticulously shaping each piece. I put my whole heart into every piece of tack or working gear. It is bittersweet when the day comes to ship the saddle or piece of tack to customers, but I am proud knowing that the piece will serve each person for many years to come as a tool of their trade.
The ought seven brand is one that is close to my heart. The brand represents the seven male members of my family. The brand (and company) is deeply rooted in family christian values. Every piece we make and the business operations are built with these values in mind.

About the Brand
The family brand of the 7/o is a symbol of a strong American family founded deeply on faith in God and the Freedoms and Liberties our country was founded on, We stand behind it as the representation of our bond with our customers. The brand represents the seven male members of our family and the O for representing the family name with pride and true to tradition.

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