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Episode 036 Carly Twisselman Stunning Beauty & Intelligence… Actress, Model, Stunt Women,100% Modern Cowgirl & much more…

Join me as I talk with Carly Twisselman about her life of being raised on a ranch, rodeo, hunting & firearms to attending UCLA.  We discuss her work as an Actress, Model, Television Host & Stunt Woman and her carrier as a professional barrel racer and her journey to qualify for the National Final Rodeo in Las Vegas. Carly is a fascinating young woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. She is an exemplary role model and an “All Around Modern Woman”.

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Show Music: “The Ropin Pen” (Live) by: Trent Willmon

MC Podcast Production & Editing:  Matt Kirschner

About the author, Dan

Dan Hillenbrand is the founder and host of the award winning Modern Cowboy Podcast... Cowboy, Entrepreneur, Chiropractor, Builder, Firearms Instructor & Hemochromatosis Survivor.

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