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Episode 018 Navy Seals launch Skateboard Co… I was honored to have the opportunity to talk with these amazing men about the founding of TRIBE SK8Z and their mission….

TRIBE SK8Z is made up of three (Dj,Joey,Cole)partners that come from very diverse backgrounds. Two of the partners are military vets and the other is a renowned tattoo artist and graphic designer.

TRIBE SK8Z started from a birthday gift about 6 years ago. Cole was in San Diego and stumbled on a company doing Laser Engraving on skateboards. It was right around Djs birthday so he had them make a board with his Teams Symbol, he’s had it hanging in his office ever since. With Dj’s military career coming to an end, searching for an outlet and trying to figure out what he was going to do with his next chapter in life, the hanging Skateboard in his office shined brighter than ever. In that instance TRIBE SK8Z was born. With no outside capital and an idea, Dj reached out to Joey and they started collaborating on Dj’s vision of skateboards and skateboard wall hanging art. Like many of the greats, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Bowerman, Phil Knight, Paul Allen, and Bill Gates, TRIBE SK8Z started June 2018 in Djs garage.

Two boards were completed in early June for a fundraiser in Texas, shortly after the board images flew across multiple social media platforms gaining a lot of traction and momentum. Joey and Cole ran into each other a week later at a retirement ceremony and said Cole really needed to talk to Dj about getting TRIBE SK8Z going. With Coles background of starting companies and having great mentors they all sat down and went over the infrastructure that needed to be created to make this a functional, successful, legal company. Over the next week they filed with the IRS, Virginia for Articles of Incorporation, formed an operating agreement, bank accounts, PayPal, quickbooks, delegated duties, and started a game plan for weekly, quarterly, seasonal, fiscal goals and need to haves. They developed pricing structures, terms and conditions, explored in-house and contracted production options, time tables on product production to customer, and how to cut current production costs and time while maintaining quality products made in the USA.

TRIBE SK8Z Currently:

Roughly two months into it their products have reached California, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia. They have donated products for auctions and fundraisers. They have done custom pieces for Gold Star Families, different military/ Government units, breweries, and other companies.

Dj is the CEO/President of the company but has taken on Product Production and RDTE with the boards (coating, finishing, aging, branding, or inlays he exploring all options). Joey is the VP of product design, he continuously puts in the hours for new stock images, custom one offs, and anniversary designs. Cole is the COO/CFO/VP of Product Launch and Company Growth. They’ve had great mentoring from some of Nikes top Vice Presidents, Apples VP of Product Launch, and VP of Marketing for BuzzFeed. None of the owners have the formal education that most have in these positions but no one can compete with their work ethic, worldly experiences/travels, networks, and morals.

They are currently working with multiple customers on licensing and with an American music band for their tour next year.




Show Music:

“The Ropin Pen” (Live) by: Trent Willmon

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