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Episode 016 This Amazing Cowgirl Haley Ganzel is only 23 but has been a professional trick rider for 18 years…

Haley begin trick riding at the age of 4 after begging her uncle NFR Contract Act Sean Bracket to teach her the trade. A passion for trick riding and the performing lifestyle developed at a young age for Hayley when she had the opportunity to travel with the Great American Wild West show to some of the greatest rodeo venues in the country.

She was blessed with the opportunity to work with legendary trick riders at a young age, where she was able to learn and hone her craft. Haley was crowned the 2007 World Champion Trick Rider, competed in the 2016 North America Trick Riding Championships in Las Vegas and played a role and performed stunt work in the films is Cowgirls and Angels and Cowgirls and Angels 2 “Dakota Summer.”

Haley not only truck rides but also Roman rides and works for dancing horse “Crazy Cloud” where she is proud to display her Cherokee heritage. Haley is always expanding her talents and consistently keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. She would like to thank the Cherokee nation and Cherokee businesses for their sponsorship and continual support.


Show Music: “The Ropin Pen” (Live)

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