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Episode 015 Join me as I talk about the world of Cowboy Hats with Cody Harrison and his passion as a hatter at Smithbilt Hats in Calgary Alberta…

Cody Harrison from Longview Alberta has a passion for making Cowboy Hats that and his enthusiasm and love of what he does shines through in this episode. Cody is a “Hatter” at Smithbilt Hats a company with a long history and tradition in Canada. Smithbilt has made hats for some of the most epic western films, music artists and dignitaries.

 Initially Smithbilt produced mostly dress hats with small brims, styles that flourished in the East and in Europe. In 1926, however Morris began a co-operative effort with local businessmen and the Stampede Board to promote western wear for spectators as well as partisans in the Calgary Stampede. The Stampede was providing a focus for local manufacturers who responded by developing products of western style.

Increasingly, Smithbilt made Western hats a specialty, and in 1946 Morris created the first white cowboy hat. He was very proud of the White Smithbilt, and indeed this small contribution to the Canadian identity became a symbol of the Stampede and of Calgary. The White Smithbilt, proudly worn by local officials, was traditionally presented to visiting dignitaries and Royal guests. It is now known throughout North America and the rest of the world.

As the years passed, the company continued to improve its products and reputation. The company’s ownership passed to Morris’s son Judah and then on to the long-term employee Marshall Harvey. In 2003, the Harvey family passed the Smithbilt torch to a family friend.
Today, the company is owned & operated by Cam Clark; a proud supporter of the Calgary Stampede. Dedicated to the preservation of western heritage values and traditions, he is committed to moving the legendary Smithbilt name forward with an emphasis on quality and service.
Show Music:
Song “The Ropin Pen” (Live) by Trent Willmon

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