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Episode 010 Rasp Designs is The Original Rasp Jewelry Company. Rasp Designs not only creates custom rasp jewelry, but also creates rasp accessories and rasp riding hardware…

Rasp Designs is The Original Rasp Jewelry Company. Rasp Designs not only creates custom rasp jewelry, but also creates rasp accessories and rasp riding hardware. Our designs are for both women and men, hand crafted from a horse shoeing rasp (farriers file) that was used while shoeing horses. Each piece is truly unique and carries with it the history of blacksmith work along with the essence of each horse the rasp was used upon.

The husband and wife team, Bryan and Melanie Martineau, design and hand make each piece together with their blacksmith and design talents along with their influences of rodeo, ranching and western lifestyle upbringings.  They reside in the North Scottsdale/Rio Verde area of Arizona with their three daughters, all under the age of five.

Raised in Corvallis, MT, Bryan began horseshoeing and training horses at the age of 13 and continues these lines of work.  Bryan competed in saddle bronc riding and team roping.  Each rasp Bryan uses when shoeing horses is then turned into the rasp jewelry, accessories and riding hardware.  He is currently retired from saddle bronc riding along the rodeo trail and enjoys team roping and golf when he has time off work.

Melanie was raised north of Santa Fe, NM on a horse ranch. She grew up being involved with rodeo, horse showing, and horse racing. She moved to Arizona to attend college at Arizona State University where she graduated in design, urban planning and construction management.  Melanie manages the marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, events, website and social media for Rasp Designs. She enjoys running, hiking, golf and time with her kids and family.

How We Got Started:

Seven years ago we started making jewelry out of farrier rasps for family and clients for gifts and thank you’s. Melanie’s Grandpa was one of the main reasons and inspirations we ever came up with the Rasp jewelry. Our family and friends got the word out about our jewelry/spurs within the rodeo, ranching, farming and equestrian communities. After the first three years we decided to turn our hobby into a legit business in 2015. That year we also took a leap of faith, overcoming many obstacles, including expecting our third child, and became a vendor at South Point during the NFR and World Series of Team Roping Championships. This is our fourth year of operating Rasp Designs as a business and being a vendor at large shows like the NFR. Since 2015, our business has more than tripled and Bryan has been able to cut his horse shoeing business down by 70%, which allows for more freedom schedule wise and more time at home with family/kids.

Our Products:


Cuff Bracelets, Bangle Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces, Bolos, Earrings, Rings


Money Clips, Buckles

Riding Hardware:

Spurs, Spur Strap Buckles, Headstall Buckles, Back Cinch Buckles, Conchos

Golf Tools:

Golf Ball Mark Repair Tools (Divot Repair Tool), Ball Markers

About the author, Dan

Dan Hillenbrand is the founder and host of the award winning Modern Cowboy Podcast... Cowboy, Entrepreneur, Chiropractor, Builder, Firearms Instructor & Hemochromatosis Survivor.

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