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Episode 022 Pete Wagner is a singer songwriter that has overcome incredible odds …

Join me as I talk with Pete Wagner a singer songwriter who has overcome incredible odds.  Pete’s character and journey exemplify Cowboy grit, determination & perseverance.  A paraplegic, amputee and 4 organ transplant recipient, Pete is a proud and loving single father who is looking to the future with excitement. Everyone of us has challenges and obstacles in life and Pete will inspire you to keep pushing and never give up.


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Show Music: “The Ropin Pen” (Live) by: Trent Willmon

Production & Editing:  Matt Kirschner

About the author, Dan

Dan Hillenbrand is the founder and host of the award winning Modern Cowboy Podcast... Cowboy, Entrepreneur, Chiropractor, Builder, Firearms Instructor & Hemochromatosis Survivor.

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