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Episode 092 Kari DeCastro Creator, Competitive Team Roper & Modern Cowgirl…

Kari DeCastro is a creator—be it through her work as the Marketing Coordinator for Yost Events the Designer of Western Runway, or other projects within her own company, Idlewild Creative—shaping the aesthetics of the Western world. A Colorado native and team roper with family roots running deep across the West, her inspirations come from the heart of Cowboy Culture with an impossible-to-match level of professionalism and innovation that shines through her work across any media she touches. When she’s not at her desk or turning steers, she’s exploring the mountains on a hike, catching up on episodes of Yellowstone, or helping in the branding pen—either at the end of a nylon or behind a camera.

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“The Ropin Pen” By: Trent Willmon  Trent Willmon Music

“Cowboy” By: Kolt Barber

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