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the cowboy whey

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Welcome to Modern Cowboy,  The Brand that provides Inspiration, Education, Motivation & Entertainment from Cowboy Lifestyles & Businesses Around the World.

The Cowboy is an iconic figure that represents a culture of  freedom, courage, toughness, & individualism. Join me as I explore why we are so captivated by the Cowboy in everything from folklore, movies, ranching, music, and rodeo to business & fashion. At Modern Cowboy we believe, at some level, everyone wants to be a Cowboy.

At Modern Cowboy Performance Nutrition we do everything the Cowboy WHEY...
The Founder Dr. Dan Hillenbrand has been involved in health & nutrition since age 19. He was a personal trainer while attending college studying to be a Chiropractor and has continued to train and study health, nutrition and fitness over the past 30+ years. Dr. Dan has overcome the struggle of a genetic disorder “Hemochromatosis” diagnosed in 2011, which has challenged him to use his knowledge and expertise to maintain an optimal level of health & fitness as well as control his pain from severe arthritis. In doing so Dr. Dan developed the Modern Cowboy Performance Nutrition line to serve the Cowboy & Western Lifestyle community. We are just getting started a full line of Modern Cowboy Performance Supplements will be released throughout 2019.
Stay Tuned there is much more to come!
Yours in Health,
Dr. Dan