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"Some men are born to cowboying yes, but a bunch who've never done it before make good hands"
- Bobby Daniel, Waggoner Ranch Texas


KC Jones, PRCA Steer Wrestler, Nine time WNFR Qualifier ©


About Dan & The Modern Cowboy Brand

Dan Hillenbrand is the founder of  Modern Cowboy Performance Nutrition & Host of the Modern Cowboy Podcast. Cowboy, Entrepreneur, Chiropractor/Medical Legal Expert, Builder/Developer, Hunter Education/Firearms Safety Instructor & Hemochromatosis Survivor.

The Cowboy is an iconic figure that represents a culture of  freedom, courage, toughness, & individualism. Join me as I explore why we are so captivated by the Cowboy in everything from folklore, movies, ranching, music, and rodeo to business & fashion.

Compton Cowboys Love Dan and Modern Cowboy Podcast!!

This guy is a true cowboy through and through. Loves the culture, embodies the spirit. I was super happy to speak with him about our story and love what Dan is doing with this platform. I encourage all those who want to get a fresh take on what’s happening in the world of horses and horse folks to tune in! Much Love, Randy

by Randy Savvy

modern cowboy movement


Rowell Ranch Jr. Rodeo, Hayward CA 2014 ©